iPhoneRingToneMaker works with iPhone 2.0

iPhoneRingToneMaker works with the new iPhone 2.0+ software and iTunes 7.7+. Well, it does, I own and actively use iPhoneRingtoneMaker, and haven’t had any issues yet. One thing to keep in mind is that anytime there’s a iPhone or iTunes software update it renders iPhoneRingToneMaker useless. It’s not a free iphone ringtone maker but it’s a great tool and it’s cheap.

One Missed Call ringtones

One Missed Call

We posted a free download of the spooky mp3 ringtone found in Takashi Miike’s Japanese horror movie, One Missed Call. The One Missed Call ringtone is truly juvenile but in context to the movie turns terrifying. I ripped the ringtone at an OK bitrate so that the mp3 file quality is faithful to the original ringtone in the horror movie. For those that don’t know, the ringtone is heard when you essentially receive a voicemail message from your future self indicating you’re about to kick the bucket.