Resident Evil Afterlife 3D mp3 ringtones

Resident Evil Afterlife 3D

Coming in at $27.7 million in its opening weekend, Resident Evil Afterlife 3D, kicks off the fall movie season with a bang and out-performs the past three sequels. Having watched the 3D version, I have to say, it was one of the better executions of the whole 3D movie bonanza. It was also far superior to the other three in the Resident Evil franchise. Why? Good story line, I liked the continuity, left off from the Resident Evil Extinction, and presented a clearer more succinct story line, superior special effects and non-stop action. Milla Jovovich is joined once again by Ali Larter (Heroes television series) and a cool cast of characters that are killed off one by one directed and written by Paul WS Anderson.

My favorite Resident Evil Afterlife 3D scene is the mutant zombie dog scene, ah, you gotta love the dogs. That’s all I’ll say! There’s enough Resident Evil for everyone so do not despair! Here’s a screen of the mutant dogs so you know what I’m talking about.

Of course you’re not here to learn why I liked the movie and how it did at the box office. Where’s the Resident Evil Afterlife mp3 ringtone? Ok, so the score for the Resident Evil was done by Andy Millburn and Thomas Hadju, yup the guys behind various scores for computer games most notably.

Resident Evil Afterlife Ringtone (mp3 ringtone / 740kb)

Keep in mind that this is a free mp3 ringtone file that needs to be side loaded to any Android, Windows mobile phone or iPhone in order to set it up as a ringtone. The free Resident Evil ringtone is really completely free. iPhone users need only download the iPhoneRingtoneMaker which we’ve covered in a previous post. The software creators are Efiko.


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