Haywire movie review and free ringtone

Black ops soldier finds herself double-crossed by her handlers. Her real mission is to find out who is responsible and make them pay for it. Yes, the story isn’t super original but here’s what made it really interesting. The score was straight out of the Jackie Brown era, it totally blew me away. David Holmes is the man behind the free ringtone I’ve just slice and spliced for you all.

Resident Evil Afterlife 3D mp3 ringtones

Resident Evil Afterlife 3D

Resident Evil Afterlife kicks zombie butt at the box office, and yes, it’s better than the last three! So what are you waiting for, download the free ringtone of Milla Jovovich’s new Resident Evil Afterlife movie. The ringtone is in mp3 format and will work on android, iPhone, windows mobile and symbian smartphones, make sure to follow instructions included with the latest ringtone.