iPhoneRingToneMaker works with iPhone 2.0

I’ve been asked a few times by folks whether Efiko’s iPhoneRingToneMaker works with the new iPhone 2.0+ software and iTunes 7.7+. Great question, the good news is that it does. I own and actively use iPhoneRingtoneMaker to port mp3 files which I offer to folks on this site and transfer those iPhone ringtones to my iPhone. So far I haven’t had any issues yet–oh yeah free iPhone ringtones. One thing to keep in mind is that anytime there’s a iPhone or iTunes software update it renders iPhoneRingToneMaker useless. However, the company does issue an update shortly after Apple’s updates. So make sure, if you purchased the iPhone ringtone creater, that you download the latest version.

I like iPhoneRingToneMaker simply because it’s easy to use though it’s NOT free–but totally worth the $14.95 cuz you end up with free iPhone ringtones. I have a 1st generation iPhone which I updated to 2.0 and, sorry Steve Jobs, I’m not going to dish out another bit of cash for ringtones based on music I already own/purchased.

If you’re an iPhoneRingtoneMaker user, please make sure you are using the latest versions of iPhoneRingToneMakers located at http://www.efksoft.com/products/iphoneringtonemaker/download.htm. If you are running an older version of iPhoneRingToneMaker and you don’t hear your ringtones, this new version is for you. Remember this software is not FREE but the ringtones available on this site is totally FREE!


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