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One Missed Call

Well, we all have a fascination for the dark side and it culminates into a desire for some cool arse horror movie ringtones. And, yes, sometimes we’ve gotta import some of the good horror ringtone stuff from across the pond and beyond. In this case the far far east, Japan. Here’s to the ever-so-spooky and close-your-eyes-horrifying One Missed Call ringtone!

Chakushin Ari or in the USA, One Missed Call comes to mind. The original Japanese horror movie version of One Missed Call was directed by Takashi Miike, which in my opinion is the better one. Awesome j horror movie, I highly recommend the Japanese version as it is very good.

Anyway, One Missed Call has this spooky ringtone based on a song called Melody of Death, when you receive a call and hear the One Missed Call ringtone, you’re essentially receiving a voicemail message from your future self. Well what happens afterwards is just crazy, but good fun j horror. The One Missed Call ringtone is one you absolutely have to throw onto your mobile phone or iPhone.

So download the Melody of Death One Missed Call ringtone now, it’s in real mp3 format, very good quality, totally free and is ready to be side loaded to your cell phone, smartphone or iphone.

> One Missed Call ringtone (425kb, MP3 ringtone)

Remember that our free One Missed Call ringtones and all other ringtones for that matter on this site are compatible with any mobile service, T-Mobile, Cingular, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon, etc. provided your phone or mobile device supports mp3 ringtones. The One Missed Call ringtone is absolutely free. However, check with your wireless carrier to ensure that you’re not charged anything extra to side-load ringtones to your phone. iPhone users can download iphoneringtonemaker and send the One Missed Call ringtone to their iphone for free!


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