Halloween October ringtones round up

Halloween ringtones

Gearing up for Halloween this evening? Well here are a few ideas for you to consider as you take your kids, accompany your friends and family, trick or treating, on ole hallow’s eve!

We’ve got a few from past posts:

Halloween Movie Ringtone: 22 seconds of fright. My favorite movie of all time that’s enhanced by the theme (I’ve created a mp3 ringtone snippet) of the original John Carpenter Halloween music score.

One Missed Call Ringtone: Blast this spooky ringtone if someone says “Treat”! It’s based on the song “Melody of Death.” The movie has it ring when you actually receive a call which turns to a voice mail message from your future self. Good J Horror fun.

X-Files TV Series Ringtones: With rumors of this now classic TV series coming back to the silver screen, we thought it’d be cool to remind you all that the TV theme can serve as an awesomely spooky ringtone for your iPhone 6 plus or Android phone!

Hope you enjoy our roundup and remember, these are free ringtones in mp3 format that will work on Android smartphones and the iPhone 3, 3g, 3gs, 4/4s, 5/5s, and 6/6 plus. You should be able to side load these to any Google Android, Windows phone or iPhone in order to set it up as your ringtone. The free ringtones are truly free. iPhone users need only download the Ringtone Expressions (formally iPhoneRingtoneMaker) which we’ve covered in a previous post. The software creators are Gx5.


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