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Blast from the past composer known for creating the classic television theme music from the 1960s TV Series,? The Munsters, Jack Marshall in many ways helped rock and roll break into the silver screen. The Munsters wasn’t his only contribution, Marshall also composed music for The Deputy, a western television series starring Henry Fonda, The Investigators and The Debbie Reynolds Show.

The Munsters to this day is an entertaining family show and the The Munsters theme music as a ringtone is a must for anyone. Even if you’re not familiar with the classic television series, the tune itself has a certain coolness to it albeit the production quality is a tad dated. You can watch episodes from The Munsters at TV Land.

Keep in mind, The Munsters Ringtone is the real thing, no knock offs here. I’ve got tell you even Herman Munster would be proud as would his hot wife Lilly Munster!

The Munsters Original Music Theme by Jack Marshall (412k, MP3 ringtone – works on Android needs to be converted on iOS)

Download the theme from the classic television show The Munsters by right-clicking on the link above and selecting the “Save As” option. It is a free mp3 file and can be side loaded to any Windows mobile device or iPhone in order to set it up as ringtone. The Munsters Ringtone is totally free and iPhone users need only download the iPhoneRingtoneMaker we’ve covered in a previous post. The software creators are Efiko.


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