The original Pink Panther ringtones movie theme

We realize that we’ve been focused on horror, sci-fi and thriller type movie ringtone themes. So it made sense to segue into movie ringtones that conjure up a funny and positive tone to them–pun intended. We decided to rip a snippet of composer and arranger Henry Mancini’s world famous movie theme from the classic comedy movie series called, The Pink Panther. Ah, even Peter Sellers would be proud of our Pink Panther ringtone–please check it out it’s free.

Henry Mancini once said, “If it calls for a Madison or a Twist, I’ll do it. And if it calls for a tone row or anything in surreal music I’ll do that, too. But the dance band is what has given me the kind of little edge towards the jazz field.” The Pink Panther ringtone embodies this throughout…

The Pink Panther ringtone is prolly not the best quality but it will do the job on most mobile phones, try the ringtone out and please let us know what you think. We’ve kept the length within allowable legal limits plus you don’t need a 5 minute song for a ringtone do you??

The Pink Panther (1.4mb, MP3 ringtone)

The Pink Panther ringtone is in mp3 format, works on all mp3 supported cell phones including the iPhone, Android and Windows 7 smartphones. Remember that you’ll need to download the file your desktop and then either sync the mp3 file to your phone and/or grab the iPhoneRingtoneMaker to drop the Pink Panther ringtone onto your iPhone and iPhone 3G.


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