Free GEICO mp3 ringtones from its commercials

Free GEICO ringtones!

If you haven’t seen the funny GEICO commercial, now you can, at Free Ringtones FYI. I’m highlighting the Gecko boss ringtone, in particular, which you can download in mp3 and/or m4r (iPhone and android smartphones) format. It’s what I’m using at the moment as my main ringtone and yes it is a cool free ringtone to have in your library. Though I must say, I’m not a GEICO customer, (sorry in advance for dinging you guys) since they, at least for me, have consistently been extremely expensive compared to other US auto insurance companies I’ve dealt with.

The real question is why a ringtone, GEICO marketers? How does a GEICO ringtone drive insurance quotes! My guess is that this ringtone foray is predominantly an awareness play. I can’t see value in capturing millennials and the iPhone this way, as if they are in the market for car insurance. I’m sure the awareness play will work on some but I think at the end of the day free GEICO ringtones benefits from higher priced competition and comprehensive GEICO insurance policy.

Any hoo, yes, you can have the boss’ “worst” ringtone which is actually pretty catchy.  If you’re envious of the Gecko’s boss  then go and have his ringtone – a snappy sounding ringity-ding-ding-dingy-dong on your phone.  Download the ringtone below.  Scroll down for instructions or to share with a friend.

GEICO Boss Ringtone / 10 sec.
Download as M4R [246K] for iPhone™
Download as MP3 [154K] for many other mobile phones

Download instructions
Right-click on the links above and select the “Save Target As” option. Select your Desktop and download. Once you’ve successfully downloaded the free ringtone then side load it using your Microsoft sync option or alternatively you can us a ringtone application or ringtone ripper.



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