Funny fart ringtones

No fart zone sign

It’s starting to smell strange and weird in here. Someone smell eggs? Seriously though and nothing new here accept that we thought we’d change things up a bit and share a few fart ringtones and videos from around the web.

Ok, first up, to loosen y’all up is a Youtube video which is essentially a spoof on infomercials. The premise is turning the fart noise into recognizable ringtones. Quite funny actually, you should be able to record the audio portion and create a funky smellin’ free fart ringtone. Haha..oh and yeah you’d probably scare off the girls but the guys will love ya!

Next up are a series of fart noises that you’ll want to snag for your phone:

Diarrhea fart ringtone (32.3kb mp3 ringtone) This one sampled for your listening pleasure at 32kbps but that’s all you need for your friends to get the picture or er you know what.

Power fart ringtone (3kb mp3 ringtone) Ah, the classic power fart. If only I had photos of the facial expressions seconds after that dreaded sound hit the airwaves. Fun power fart times!

Bathroom fart ringtone(25.13kb mp3 ringtone) Well at the least this one is in the “safe zone” but it’s hilarious nonetheless. Admit, you’ll be attaching this one to your buddy’s ringtone profile!

Remember these are free mp3 files that should be side loaded to any Android, Windows mobile phone or iPhone in order to set it up as ringtone. The fart ringtones posted are totally free and iPhone users need only download the iPhoneRingtoneMaker we’ve covered in a previous post. The software creators are Efiko.


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