Olympics 2012 in London and ringtones to boot

With about 32 days to go and my wife and I heading out to Cancun soon, I thought I’d get ahead of the eight ball by sharing my favorite event that comes every four years. Yes, the 2012 Summer Olympics will be in my favorite city London and it’s being redone from end-to-end.

But what’s the Olympics without the Olympic them ringtones? We’ve got all these android smartphones clamoring to be heard, in London, not to mention iPhones from Apple or Android devices.

I posted a ringtone back in August of 2008, check it out:

Finally, here’s the ringtone in mp3 format which should support all phones:

John Williams Olympics Fanfare and Theme (317kb, mp3 ringtone)

Olympics Theme Ringtone – The Olympics Fanfare score which is now part and parcel of the Olympics was actually composed by John Williams in 1984 for the Los Angeles Olympics. I did some digging around and guess what? I found a host of cool videos from past Olympics:

Victor Vogel does the opening for the 1976 Montreal Olympics (I was there!): http://usolympic.org/video/video/235

The London 2012 Olympic mp3 ringtone is really free. Please remember that uploads and side loading are your responsibility. Check with your provider whether it’s T-Mobile, AT&T, Sprint, Verizon or Orange to ensure you’re not charged anything to send the Olympic theme ringtone to your mobile device, Android smartphone or iPhone.

Source: London 2012 Olympics


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