Hunger Games Movie Review and Ringtones

If there’s a place or a future you would want to spare your children, then the time depicted in Hunger Games would be the one. Lionsgate’s latest science fiction movie broke a record coming in fifth for a non-sequel movie during opening night, raking in $68.3 million. That’s not all, it grossed $155 million opening weekend making it third best opening before 2012. Hey, it’s a very clear challenge to the Twilight series and Maze Runner.

The Hunger Games offers a bevy of sound effects and interesting ambient noises worth “ringtoning” for your smartphones whether you’re an iPhone or Android user. We’ll certainly try to hunt them down for you, so always check back with us. In the meantime, I think you’ll be appreciative of the two free The Hunger Games ringtone we’ll be offering you.

But before you go ringtone happy let’s discuss how Lionsgate, with Gary Ross at the director helm hit a home run. First of all, The Hunger Games set the characters and tone immaculately, let’s be real this is a teeny bopper sci-fi story so don’t expect Christopher Nolan’esque intellectual story weaved into an action movie. However, we believe you’ll be pleasantly surprised with The Hunger Games movie overall as it delivered on emotion, despair and triumph all in an epic way as you can only do in a science fiction universe.

The adaptation of Suzanne Collins‘ novel is pretty awesome and we don’t believe it could’ve worked without the cast. Jennifer Lawrence who played Katniss Everdeen, has usurped our Twilight star Kristen Stewart, because she can act, is way cuter and her character is relevant to current events (Sandra Fluke connection on Daily Beast). The basic premise of the story is a future earth where children, boys and girls, are forced to fight as “tributes” by a tyrannical government. Wes Bentley shines as Senca Crane, shepherding the “tributes” through an all or nothing gladiator’esque battle.  The Hunger Games movie includes Donald Sutherland who blesses the screen in an eerie way, endearing yet clearly insidious way. Is that paradox even possible?

But alas, Jennifer Lawrence makes The Hunger Games rock, don’t believe us? Check out these cool shots below.

Taylor Swift isn’t our favorite artist but Eyes Open is pretty cool, has a good slow opening and builds up throughout the track. So we did cut to the chase on this ringtone, trimmed the track to it’s essential and I think you’ll like it. The second ringtone is the Mocking Jay, it’s a simple four note tune that even now gives me chills. The link below actually takes you to iTunes, it’s free and it’s chilling!

Taylor Swift Eyes Open Hunger Games ringtone – (320kbps 1.19MB)

Mocking Jay iPhone Ringtone (This is a free ringtone you can grab from iTunes!)

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How to Download
Also, you should be able to side load to any Google Android, Windows 7 mobile phone or iPhone in order to set it up as ringtone. The free Haywire movie ringtones is really free, no joke. iPhone users need only download the Ringtone Expressions (formally iPhoneRingtoneMaker) which we’ve covered in a previous post. The software creators are Gx5.


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