Kill Bill ringtones – Ironside mp3 ringtone by Quincy Jones

Phonto of Ironside's Raymond Burr

Ok, so this particularly Kill Bill ringtone (compared to our previous Kill Bill Ringtone) is actually a television theme from the classic tv series, Ironside. My man Quincy Jones kicked this track into gear, with some funk. Tarentino decided to use it in a scene and it’s so awesome as a ringtone that I had to share it with you all.

Starring Raymond Burr, the show actually aired as The Man Called Ironside, which ran from 1967 until 1975. The creator Collier Young, died in a road accident, was also Behind Wild Wild West, another favorite classic television series.

The Ironside ringtone hits you hard with some whacky horns, it does however simmer down to a nice crescendo but why go there? We want to grab people’s attention with our ringtones, right? So Quincy Jones composed this sweet track which is now our Kill Bill ringtone.

> Kill Bill Ironside by Quincy Jones (305kb, MP3 ringtone)


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