X-Files ringtone of television show main theme

X-Files television series logoX-Files, wow, they don’t make shows like that anymore. The closest, in terms, of engaging story lines and characters is Heroes. I’m sure there are some background clips of Chris Carter’s thoughts on X-Files, as the creator, he must be proud to have left such a cool science fiction legacy–wow it all started in 1993. David Duchovny can’t leave his Fox Moulder character behind. Gillian Anderson would never be the same without Dana Scully.

What kept us all in awe was Mark Snow’s crack at the X-Files’ main theme converted into the X-File ringtone, which is called Materia Primoris. Materia Primoris is just latin for top matter or in my interpretation of utmost concern. Putting all the Latin aside, the X-File ringtone we have for you is awesome, I just switched my ringer to it and it sounds spooky.

> X-Files main theme Materia Primoris (418kb, MP3 ringtone)

The X-Files ringtone needs to side loaded, so remember to right-click on the file and then select “Save Target As” to drop it onto your desktop. iPhone folks, iPhoneRingtoneMaker is a great choice to throw this puppy onto your iPhone for free!


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