One Missed Call ringtone American version in mp3

A few folks requested that I post the free mp3 ringtone from the American remake of the Japanese horror movie One Missed Call (Chakushin ari). While the American version of One Missed Call’s spooky tune is a fairly decent ringtone, I personally think the Japanese One Missed Call ringtone was far spookier and eerier. I’d love to hear from you all on which one you prefer.

The American version of One Missed Call was directed by Eric Valette and starred Ed Burns and Shannyn Sossamon of 40 days and 40 Nights fame. I have to admit, I passed on this one when it came out at the movie theaters, so I can’t say much more other than that critics and movie goers agree that it was not a great remake.

The One Missed Call American version ringtone is super simplified. Either way, it should serve as a decent ringtone but again, if you’re looking for that weird and spooky version, the japanese ringtone is way better.
> One Missed Call American version ringtone (401kb, MP3 ringtone)

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3 thoughts on “One Missed Call ringtone American version in mp3

  1. haha me and my friends watched this movie (me for my 5000000 time and my friedns the fisrt) and i had my other friend text me right after i texted her and she text me saying “1 missed call” with this ringtone RIGHT when the movie went to the credits…my friends were horrified to this day cause we never told them…

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