Halloween ringtones in mp3 from the original movie

Well it didn’t take too long for us to get back into the whole horror movie ringtones bandwagon, did it? I don’t know what it is, I guess I’m fascinated by the horror movie genre or maybe Halloween is just around the corner. More importantly, I’m of the opinion that music themes from horror movies or slasher films make for great free ringtones, horror movie ringtones.

Our latest free ringtone is 22 seconds, the Halloween ringtone is a snippet of the original John Carpenter Halloween music score ripped at a bit rate per second of 192. This particular Halloween ringtone is hot because of its natural crescendo at the beginning. The eeriness that the Halloween theme builds up to is just too good not to load onto your mobile phone. When the Halloween ringtone goes off, it conjures up all of the gory slasher scenes that made John Carpenter’s Halloween movie a classic in its genre. Don’t forget, this is the movie that put Jamie Lee Curtis on the map, she was phenomenal.

I have to imagine that John Carpenter was inspired by The Exorcist theme for the Halloween movie which was composed by Mike Oldfield for his album Tubular Bells cuz while it’s not even close musically it certainly reminds me of it. Hey, the Halloween ringtone we’ve got for you is suhweet, please download and let us know what you think.

> Halloween movie theme (576kb, MP3 ringtone)

By the way John Carpenter’s Halloween is available on Blu Ray and it looks amazing. I highly recommend picking it up, it’s cheaper than some of the newer DVDs.


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3 thoughts on “Halloween ringtones in mp3 from the original movie

  1. how the hell do you download shit off here, i havent seen a single download button yet . . . .

  2. Make sure you read the fine print when providing your personal details. For example, all the ringtones I offer on my site are free for you to use legally.


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