Star Trek ringtone of theme from original series

Star Trek 2008 logo

Have any Star Trek ringtones? No? As promised, we’ve got another Star Trek ringtone right here, for you. In order to keep things legal, this particular Star Trek ringtone is approximately 25 seconds long, the good news is is that I tracked the ringtone down at a 192Kbps stereo. This puppy is currently set as my ringtone, cause Star Trek rules. I just love the original Star Trek series and while I may upset a few Trekkies out there but the recent ones aren’t quite up-to-snuff.

> Star Trek theme (616kb, MP3 ringtone)

Oh and don’t forget, we posted a bunch of Star Trek ringtones a week ago at Buy the original Star Trek complete 1st season if you haven’t done so already.


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