Batman ringtones of 1966 television show

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It’s not often you run through your list of mp3 ringtones and find a classic music track based on a classic television show. I seem to run into a childhood favorite every time I forage for music to customize my iPhone X ringtone. I stumbled onto a personal favorite sci-fi tv show Star Trek ringtone but now with the main theme from the hit classic television show Batman! The Batman ringtone is really free to download and is the original music score Neal Hefti composed and performed with his orchestra. To this day the Batman theme blows me away in its simple yet unique way. I highly recommend downloading the Batman ringtone.

The late William West Anderson, aka Adam West was the Bruce Wayne / Batman of the ’60s. The iconic batmobile was created by the late George Barris which reimagined decades later in Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight series of movies starring Christian Bale.

The Batman ringtone is encoded in mp3 format and should be side loaded to your phone using a ringtone software. I recommend the ringtone software AudioGizmo, which is free to download.

> Batman 1966 television theme (239kb, MP3 ringtone)

IF you’re like me and own an iPhone, then I suggest iPhoneRingtoneMaker to drop the Batman ringtone onto your iPhone…unfortunately that ringtone maker is not free, it’ll put you back $15. Make sure you double-check with your wireless carrier so that you’re not charged anything extra to download and sideload the free Batman ringtone mp3 file.


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