Battle: Los Angeles science fiction alien invasion movie

Battle Los Angeles

On the heels of the earthquake in Japan, the tsunami warning from Hawaii to California, Battle Los Angeles set a eerily familiar tone to viewers. Take away the science fiction and aliens, the special effects crew created a devastation that was pretty immersive and believable.

With $13.5 mm at the box office on Friday, Sony’s PG-13 flick, which apparently cost $70 million to produce, well on its way to achieving profitability despite reviews from both critics and movie goers.
The Battle LA was actually pretty good; I’m going to hunt down the alien voice ringtone for ya’ll. I can see the camera shaky bits giving folks a headache, what I couldn’t fathom was how this dude sitting next to me could doze off? Anyway, Aaron Eckhart and the acting crew did a great job, the story was simple, and I like that it got right to the point.

The base of the story centers on a worldwide alien invasion augmented by a handful of marines who are sent out to collect civilians. There have been rumors that the special effects would be identical to Skyline but did not see that AT all.

The one con is that it felt like a US Marine Corps commercial, “the few, the proud, the Marines.” The movie was directed by Jonathan Liebesman, yes the guy who did the remake of Texas Chainsaw Massacre. He’s also slated to direct the Clash of Titan sequel, Wrath of the Titans. Should be interesting.
Here’s a link to the Battle Los Angeles trailer


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