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Sex and The City movie 2008

We’re all familiar with “Sex And The City”. Some of us have only ever heard of Manolo Blahnik, the Meat Packing District, and The Four Seasons Hotel due to the show, but true fans of “Sex And The City” will be able to rattle off all the nooks and crannies of New York City that this famous four have ever visited. Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda. These four girls have made history on our tv sets with all the girlie talk that most women (and men) find unable to resist.

The long awaited movie which aired in May 2008, was a HUGE hit! Fans all over the world couldn’t wait to see what happened next in the saga between New York’s most fearless “It Girl” and her long time on-and-off beau of 10 years, the gorgeous Mr Big. The movie was wonderfully written and the characters once again beautifully portrayed by all. But the one that got us all crying was SJP and her heart-wrenching performance as Carrie, who pretty much gave her heart away and sold her soul to a guy who turned out to be none other than a BIG JERK! Bet all you girls watching hated Big and couldn’t understand why he jilted Carrie at the altar like that. But, after a lot of tears came the laughter once again as Big and Carrie finally tied the knot in their own simplistic way. The ending was perfect and just the way it should have been minus all the fuss and tears. But that’s what makes good ratings!

Now for the ringtone: Try the Sex And The City ringtone theme on your mobile phones for FREE, right here. We chose to put the SATC ringtone on our site because we know it’ll be a huge hit with the ladies. It inspires, it’s sassy, it’s very cool and not annoying in the least. It’s a tune that you won’t mind hearing over and over again and a tune that makes you wanna answer the phone in the way that Carrie greets New York! “Hello Lover…..!”


Download Sex and The City movie theme(609kb, mp3 ringtone)

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