Kill Bill ringtones – Woo Hoo mp3 ringtone by The 5678s

Kill Bill volume 1 sceneQuentin Tarantino pays homage to various action movies with his own film Kill Bill starring Uma Thurman and Lucy Liu among others. The infamous Shaolin movies and a range of other Japanese horror to Hong Kong action flicks round out Kill Bill in a major way. The movie doesn’t have a score necessarily, rather a solid medley of tracks that weren’t made for the movie per se but feel like the scenes were made for them. One of which is Woo Hoo by The 5678s, an all female trio band from Japan just rocks the house with the sweet guitar progression and the woo hoo vocal accompaniment.

Kill Bill ringtones rock, you need to download em on your iPhone or mobile device, whatever…the Woo Hoo ringtone is FREE, about 25 seconds long, and picks up at the guitar riff with a full measure on its own and then the vocals kick in. Go download the Kill Bill ringtone now.

> Kill Bill Woo Hoo by The 5678s (410kb, MP3 ringtone)



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