Nature ringtones in mp3 format

A picture of a butterfly

Hi all and welcome to Free Ringtones FYI. This website is all about free and legal ringtones, no hassles, no tricks or anything. We’re a bunch of folks who are searching the web for ringtones to share with you.

Anyway, our first post are of nature ringtones, particularly ringtones that are chill, soothing and relaxing.

We would you love your feedback so feel free to comment on the nature ringtones in mp3 format.

> Waterfall (777kb, nature MP3 ringtone)
> The Beach (476kb, nature MP3 ringtone)
> Bird Singing (1.08MB, nature MP3 ringtone)

If you’re on an iPhone please follow these instructions to setup your ringtone in iTunes:

  1. Find the mp3 you downloaded from us and note the start/stop time you want the ringtone
  2. Right click – get info, click the Options tab and set the start/stop times as above
  3. Right click – Create AAC version. This creates a new file
  4. Drag the new AAC file from the iTunes window to the desktop
  5. Delete the file from iTunes and also select Delete from hard drive.
  6. On the desktop, rename the file whateveryouwant.m4r (first part you can change to whatever you want & change the extension to .m4r).
  7. Drag the file back to the iTunes library at top left.
  8. Make sure iTunes prefs > General has Tones ticked.


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