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Skyline is a new science fiction movie by the Brothers Strause (Colin Strause and Greg Strause) and also creators of the third Alien versus Predator movie Requiem. The movie stars Eric Balfour, Donald Faison and Scottie Thompson, the bottom line, Skyline was a frightening, unrelenting and claustrophobic alien versus humanity movie. Many have compared it to Independence Day, War of the Worlds and District 9. There are differences and if you’re looking for a happy ending, then may I recommend Unstoppable?

Don’t get me wrong, there are issues with the movie and it could have been better. Main issues that I saw with Skyline was that the story was a tad weak and the dialog often choppy. Skyline did have a ton of awesome special effects, rivaling some major motion pictures, with some serious alien baddies tearing up the scenes. You do piece things together as the movie progresses but there’s a surprise at every corner. Many viewers will find issues with the fact that the aliens came from nowhere and there was just no hope for mankind. I can see Skyline being disturbing to many folks who are used to Independence Day and War of the Worlds type happy ending.

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To me it really didn’t matter what the history was behind the alien attack. If we were indeed under attack, you think some narrator would come by and explain what’s going on? Of course not! I also liked the desperation and hopelessness mood created by the characters. Finally, reminder, don’t expect a Hollywood ending, though it left it open for a sequel which I hope makes it. Skyline was raw, in your face and to the point.

Oh and the music was very cool, perfect for ringtones! The soundtrack was composed by Matthew Margeson and will be available November 16th, I’ll post the main movie theme then.


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