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Back in 1977 an epic science fiction movie for all ages was released, it was called Star Wars. The movie broke new barriers, ushered a new era of science fiction and cemented a connection within the American psyche. Star Wars Episode 3 New Hope was designed for all ages and let me tell you, the sci-fi movie started a revolution. George Lucas, a then up and coming director, having finished American Graffiti three years earlier was taking Hollywood by storm. Star Wars featured several unknown actors, Harrison Ford, Mark Hamil, and Carrie Fisher. Lucas enlisted a musical great to herald the epic and usher in our Star Wars ringtone.

The man that rounded out Star Wars, though, in my mind was John Williams. His carefully composed Star Wars theme re-invented the musical score genre. It made the concept of musical scores mainstream, you would hum the Star Wars main theme. Of course because the movie was memorable but the main theme itself embodied the Star Wars universe.

The Star Wars ringtone is, if you haven’t guessed, of the main musical score. The Star Wars mp3 ringtone is about 46 seconds long, 128 kbps making it a fairly robust Star Wars ringtone.


> Download Star Wars movie main theme (745kb, MP3 ringtone)

As always, find a free ringtone software to side load the Star Wars ringtone onto your cellphone. Oh and if you have any ideas on other Star Wars ringtones, please email me, info at mobilemage dot com.


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4 thoughts on “Star Wars ringtones main theme mp3

  1. I was so excited about the Star Wars ringtone, but when I try to download it, it’s not there, and I was able to download a different one fine… When I click on the link above, it goes to a “not found” page. 🙁

  2. Hi there, I am very sorry about the poor experience. I have just fixed the link to download the Star Wars ringtone in mp3 format. I encourage you to take a look and please accept my apology!

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