Twilight movie wallpapers for your cellphone

We’re looking for mp3 music ringtones for your mobile phone or iPhone from this blockbuster movie based on Stephenie Meyer’s New York Times best selling book Twilight. The movie stars Robert Pattinson (of Harry Potter Potter fame) and Kristen Stewart, yup, she’s the tom boy from Panic Room! The Twilight movie is so popular that they’re already in talks of a sequel, New Moon.

In the meantime, click on the thumbnails below and download the Twilight movie wallpapers and dress up your mobile device or iPhone. If you find ringtones, please, feel free to comment and provide a link so that all seekers of free Twlight ringtones may benefit.

Update: I’ve pre-ordered the Twilight DVD and hopefully will find some good dialogues or clips to share as mp3 ringtones. Here’s the latest Twilight Ringtone, hope you all enjoy it.

In the meantime, here are a few of my favorite Twilight fan sites to keep you busy:

By the way just learned from GeekSugar that Bella’s mobile phone in the Twilight movie is the Nokia 7360 in white. I’ll post instructions on how to upload and set these up as wallpapers on the Nokia 7360.


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